Daily Curriculum

Each class program will be planned with consideration given to the age and developmental level of the children. Keeping in mind that no two children develop in the same way, at the same time or rate. Daily periods will be provided when a variety of experiences are concurrently available for the children to select their own activities. This should provide some protection from excess fatigue and over-stimulation. Children will be given individual attention daily.
It is the aim of our program to provide each child with a variety of experiences.
We utilize Creative Curriculum® to encourage social interactions, self-esteem, and intellectual growth. With a balance of active vs. quiet activities, indoor vs. outdoor activities, and group vs. individual activities – it’s the complete curriculum package for your child!
Our program curriculum follows the Illinois State Board of Education – Early Learning Standards. Included are benchmarks for learning in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical Development and Health, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Social/Emotional Development, all provided in a play based preschool setting.
The family childcare app called Brightwheel® will send you up-to-date instant notifications to you on your child’s day! You do not need to wait till the end of the day to know how your child is doing and what they are doing.

Our curriculum encourages

  1. Self-esteem and positive self-image
  2. Self-expression and communication skills
  3. Social interaction
  4. Creative expression
  5. Large and small muscles development
  6. Intellectual growth

Our curriculum includes a balance of

  1. Active and quiet activities
  2. Individual and group activities
  3. Indoor and outdoor activities

The daily curriculum will also include

  1. Hot nutritious lunch
  2. 2-3 snacks offered daily
  3. Rest period
  4. Outside or indoor physical activity