Nothing prepares your child for success in elementary school like a strong kindergarten experience where academic and social development go hand-in-hand. A balance of individual attention with a strong emphasis on reading and math skills provides each child with a solid foundation for elementary school success. We communicate with you regularly about your child’s experiences and progress through parent-teacher conferences, monthly newsletters, and ongoing progress reports.
Peppermint Stick full day Private Kindergarten offers your child a comprehensive, literacy-based, teacher-directed curriculum that prepares your child for elementary school.
  • Smaller class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio emphasize a solid preparation in the fundamental academic skills of reading, phonics, writing, and mathematics.
  • Individualized Learning goals in reading and mathematics are developed for every child.
  • Enrichment activities are integrated into the daily program with child-initiated opportunities for learning and fun.
  • Character development, interpersonal skills, and life skills are taught with the same passion as academics.


The literacy-rich environment begins with phonetic awareness, moving toward conventional reading. With these skills, children have the foundation to begin reading text fluently with comprehension.
Key objectives are:
  • Reading for pleasure and information
  • Writing to communicate messages, thoughts, and ideas
  • Listening and following directions
  • Speaking confidently and effectively

Science and Technology

As children explore the classroom and outdoor environments, they learn about science and technology and the role each plays in our lives.

The focus is on development and comprehension through:

  • Making observations and predictions
  • Exploring the world around us (recycling, conservation, life cycles of plants and animals)
  • Integrating technology skills into daily activities to learn basic keyboarding and computer skills to reinforce learning through individualized programs through educational software


Mathematical analysis and computation are at the core of the math program. Children use multiple tools and approaches to solve problems in meaningful ways using manipulatives, estimation, pictures, drawings and graphs, and algebraic thinking.

Key areas of study are:

  • Data and numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction facts
  • Measurements and Geometry
  • Place Value and Money

Social Studies

Children develop a basic understanding of themselves and their place within their families, communities, and the world.

The program provides lessons in meaningful contexts such as:

  • Understanding the calendar (days and dates) and important holiday/cultural differences
  • Understanding that people use different languages to communicate
  • Knowledge of the globe, the United States, and the Pledge of Allegiance

Creative Arts & Expression

Children learn the basic principles of art that inspire them to express themselves. They work within a variety of mediums: watercolors, paints, chalk, and crayons.


Our music program is celebrated each day at Peppermint Stick. Children are physically engaged in music, learning creative movement, instrument identification, and song.

Character Development

Children learn character traits through discussions, role-play and hands-on activities, children strengthen the basic values of honesty, fairness, and respect for others.

Physical Development and Health

Our physical development program provides experiences in games and sports that help to develop eye-hand coordination, body movement, and motor skills – emphasizing teamwork and learning rules.

Life Skills

Children learn the basic concepts of safety, nutrition, environmental health (recycling, conservation, etc.), and personal health.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language program focuses on learning simple Spanish conversational phrases and vocabulary and an introduction to several other languages.