Discipline at Peppermint Stick Children’s Center is positive and is to be handled in the following manner:
  1. There is to be positive reinforcement rather than negative.
  2. There is to be redirection of activities.
  3. There is to be respect for the dignity of the child even in discipline.
  4. There is to be education regarding a completed cycle of activity and respect for the equipment.
  5. Teachers model positive manners in order to help children learn self-discipline.
Our goal is to build a positive self-concept in each child. Future success in school and life depends upon being able to handle various social situations and interactions. We believe that our attitudes will be a great influence on the children.
Each head teacher will be responsible for handling problem situations within his or her classroom. If the problems persist, the director will be notified. The following steps are to be followed when trying to help a child handle a difficult situation. These items will be more effective if also practiced at home:
  1. The child will be encouraged to settle disputes by expressing emotions in words (i.e., “I’m angry.”).
  2. A child will be reminded of the rules in the center in a positive manner (“You can walk inside and run outside.”).
  3. The child will have the situations explained (“After you pick up the blocks you may play with a puzzle.”).
  4. The child will be given a choice (“Keep the water in the water table or you will have to pick a different area.”).
  5. The child will be told to sit quietly with an adult in order to gain composure.
  6. If the child is endangering the safety of another child, he or she will have the situation explained with emotions expressed (“He really was scared – that hurt him.”) and will be told to sit quietly with an adult to gain composure.

In General

If the behavior of a child continues to jeopardize the safety of him/herself, the other children, or the equipment, the child should be removed from that situation and brought to a calming place where there can be a redirection of activities.
If a child misuses equipment, the child will be told that he/she cannot use the equipment until it can be properly used.
Peppermint Stick Children’s Center reserves the right to handle disciplinary matters on a case by case basis depending upon the severity of the offence and the needs of the school at the particular time. Discipline may range from any of the above to disenrollment according to the policy.