Our preschool program is planned to prepare your child for a future of learning under the guidance of mature qualified teachers who develop your child’s potential to the fullest through play and learning activities.
Our program curriculum follows the Illinois State Board of Education – Early Learning Standards. Included are benchmarks for learning in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical Development and Health, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Social/Emotional Development.
By creating an atmosphere where children can explore and develop their strengths, both physically and mentally, the children will be prepared when the time comes to enter kindergarten.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Your child will be introduced to the skills needed for Kindergarten. Phonetic awareness is achieved through play and games as the children sing songs, hear and tell stories, read trade books, do finger plays and invent and repeat poetry and rhymes. Math and science concepts include counting, shapes, patterns, calendar, seasons and weather. Large and small motor skills are emphasized as well as self-expression through art and dramatic play.

Preschool for 3-Year-Olds

Building language with literacy is a favorite in our 3-year-old preschool classrooms. This helps children have fun while building their skills by providing a foundation in oral language, phonological awareness, concepts of print and alphabetic knowledge. Integrated with child initiated experiences designed around centers which include drama, blocks, creative arts, science and nature, math and small and gross motor skills.